About Boao

 Shenzhen Boao Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is China pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in high-tech enterprises, collection of biological engineering health products research and development, production and sales, the headquarters is located in the Central District of Shenzhen City, modern science and Technology Park Science Park branch. The company is dedicated to the development of China's health products industry with the concept of "providing high quality health products for the society".

After years of unremitting efforts, the company's products and business scale development, has formed a "million" series of products, children's row lead, iron and zinc calcium powder, adult vitamin, elderly laxative, vitamin E, nutritional and other series of well-known best-selling products owns.

In order to develop faster and faster, the company has invested 30 million of its funds in November 2013, and has announced 29 health food approvals to the State Food and drug administration. At present, the State Administration of food and drug administration under the name of the company has accepted 6 comments, and other enterprises under the company's legal person holding have accepted 11 documents. The product includes: the polar alcohol brand calcium soft capsule, soft capsule is alcohol brand zinc, polar alcohol brand vitamin AD soft capsule, staring lycopene capsule, staring lycopene tablets, staring brand calcium rich soft capsule, soft capsule rich brand million, million brand strength of soft capsule, staring brand strength, million brand 37 brand 37 Danshen capsules, staring Danshen tablets, staring brand of lutein soft capsule of blueberry, blueberry million brand lutein particles, staring Shaoxing brand lutein, staring brand of ganoderma spore oil soft capsule, coenzyme Q10, Chlorella pyrenoidosa etc..

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business strategy of combining industry leading technology with modern marketing, relying on famous scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University, and enhancing core competitiveness of enterprises in the market by continuously improving the technological content of products. With the first-class scientific research background, the scientific management concept and the good faith service marketing, it has developed rapidly in the fierce market competition.

The company has strong comprehensive strength, has 2 cooperative modern, multi-functional large GMP production base and extensive and strong marketing resources. There are good partners in more than 80 cities all over the country, forming a marketing network covering the national OTC market. At the same time, the company also has a marketing team with rich experience, and summarizes a set of concise, practical and effective marketing mode to build the best service platform for partners' product agents, planning and sales. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, Shenzhen Boao Biotechnology Co. Ltd will follow the development of modern enterprises, to accelerate its pace of development, continue to provide consumers with high quality products, green environmental protection. At the same time, also with the partners responsible attitude, sincere welcome and wisdom distribution network each partner to join the company, let us work together to create a shared, Boao, boao!