Study Result

        Life science and engineering Tsinghua University Institute of biological science and technology is an important research base in China, equipped with all kinds of advanced analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, and domestic and foreign scientific research and education institutions to build a number of research institutions, joint laboratory, has rich human resources in science and technology formed a sound research and development and technological innovation system.

  Shenzhen Boao company from its inception, and life science and engineering Tsinghua University Institute of science and technology to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, common research and development of new products in the field of biotechnology. And actively promote technological innovation, strengthen research and development of biological products with independent intellectual property rights, and constantly improve the level of product technology innovation and market competitiveness. At present, a good enterprise technology innovation pattern has been formed.

  By the Tsinghua University of life sciences and Engineering Research Institute developed the "million" brand 1000 Di oral liquid, with strong academic background and content of science and technology, since the market has been widely praised by consumers, create a good economic and social benefits.